Good day from the islands.  Today I want to talk about words.  Mainly about the “F” words.  Of course when I bring up the “F” words immediately most of you will think the worst.  I remember when one “F” word in particular was something you just did not say.  However, in society today, it has been made into an adjective.  What used to be only used in the rough parts of town and in military circles has become an everyday word found in all walks of life!

Now, do not judge the post based on the opening, I am not focusing on that “F” word and it’s many derivatives!  In reading articles and watching social media certain words keep popping up that begin with the letter f!  Those words are follower, foodie and fan.  If you follow social media and culture at all you will see these words over and over again.

These words are used in several different ways and describe people on social media.  Take the word follower for example.  Everyone on social media wants followers.  It is a huge numbers game, a status symbol in many ways to see how many people will follow you.  However, having followers is not an indicator of relationship.  Most followers have no meaningful interaction with the one they are following.  Most followers are really just voyeurs.  Followers on social media have no true attachment in most cases to the one they follow.  It has become just a way to watch someone’s life.


Then there is the foodie.  This is like one I can identify with because I like food.  The foodie is one who has a passion for food.  Who craves all types of food and loves to try new things.  This term in the beginning was used to describe a gourmet or a food critic.  Now anyone who has an obsession with food is called a foodie.  Finally there is the fan.  A fan is usually someone who is obsessed with a person, team, TV show or anything that they gives them pleasure.  Fans are always talking about what they are a fan of.  They go on and on about how great it is.  They will talk about it whether you want to hear it or not.

Really these three word describe a culture that is consumed with satisfying their own desires.  The follower, follows without relationship feeding off the experiences of others.  The foodie, is all about consuming their favorite foods and satisfying their desire for new things.  The fan is focused on their personal heroes, dramas or teams.  They are so caught up that when their personal idol loses or has an issue that they can even lose control of their emotions.  They take what happens as a personal offense to themselves.  Sad as it might be this generation is consumed with the desire to satisfy themselves.

If we look real closely these same attitudes are becoming part of the church.  Most of the time it is not done intentionally but because of our obsession with social media it has entered in.  You see we are not called to be consumers but producers in the Kingdom of God!  We were called to action not voyeurism, to give to others not just to receive!  Finally we are not fans but part of an army, a team, a body that is called to change the world!

There are three “F” words in the Kingdom of God that we should make ours.  First we are followers!  We are called to follow Jesus in all that we do.   The way we follow is through obedience and relationship, sacrificing all to go where we are called to go!

Matthew 16:24:
Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Being a true follower of Jesus is so much more that a social media follower.  A follower of Jesus denies themselves to follow the plan set before.  It is because of relationship that we willing follow Him.

Secondly, we are not foodies we are fishermen!  Instead of looking for ways to satisfy our desires we are building the Kingdom of God.  Jesus told His disciples that they would be fishers of men, Matthew 4:19.  Our drive should be to do our part in the Kingdom.  You see instead of consuming everything for ourselves we give what we have received to others that they might have life!

Thirdly, we are not fans but we are called to be farmers actively involved in the battle.  We are working together with God, I Cor 3:9!  You are called to be part of the team and He has called you to do great things in the Kingdom of God.  However, fans never accomplish anything but farmers reap the harvest.

I encourage you today to examine you heart and motivation.  What is your drive in life?  Are you in it for yourself or are you involved and producing for the Kingdom of God?  God bless you in all that you do for Him!

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


Brother Steve






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