The 65 Million Dollar Question!


Right away there are those who already think they know what this post is all about. I encourage you to keep reading it is not what you think it is. I have been asked over the past couple of weeks about purchases of people in ministry. There are always people who ask questions. Like, why do you need a 200,000 dollar car, a 10.6 million dollar home or a 65 million dollar luxury jet? Of course the internet is full of those slamming, condeming, and judging the purchases. On the other side, the faithful supporters are coming back with justification for the expenditures. It is an all out media war at times. Then there are those ministering overseas who have their own opinions.

As someone who works overseas, these things do get my attention. Most of the time, I observe, read, and keep my opinion to myself. I look at the amounts of money, and think what could be done with that amount. One $200,000 car that was given to a minister could provided modest, reliable transportation for 10 ministers around the world. For 10.6 million a lot of Bible schools could be built, started, and a lot of hungry people could be fed. Why buy a 65 million dollar luxury jet when for 48 million you could by a cargo jet to deliver Bibles, food and aid around the world! The remaining 17 million could provide a lot of people around the world with the message of the Gospel. For all of this money, hundreds of schools be supported, missionary budgets covered,and the lost reached for Jesus Christ!

Do not stop reading now! My attitude is this, those ministries are accountable to the Lord for how they spend their finances and use their resources. I believe in Biblical prosperity and that God wants you blessed. The bottom line is, you are blessed to be a blessing. As a minister or follower of Christ you are to wisely use the assets provided to you. So enough from that perspective.

What I want to highlight is something that really caught my attention! Many of those defending the purchases and expenditures had valid points. Some pointed out that the purchases were bought with money from book sales etc. Got it! The one thing that really hit me was how many said, “They deserved it because they were carrying the load of the ministry.” Several went as far as saying that these few men and women carry the bulk of the Gospel to the world. There in lies the problem. It seems like many believe that it is the job of a few, “mega ministries”, to carry the Gospel of the world. The truth is we are all called to carry the Gospel to the world.

The Holy Spirit was sent so that we all would have the power to be a witness to the world! The purpose of the body of Christ is to reach the world. We do that by making disciples who make other disciples in ever expanding growth. Have we missed the call? Jesus says in Matthew 28:19, (NASB), to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations”! You can not get any clearer than that! I certainly support many of these great man and women of God who are impacting so many around the world. I pray for them daily but I also pray for the church to rise up and expand building the Kingdom and making disciples. You see, after the big ministries have left it is up to the local church to teach the new disciples.

Men and women serving in locations around the world are daily working with disciples making them stronger in the Lord. There are ministries in the inner cities of the US who are relying on government aid to support their ministries. This is not the way it should be. It is the body of Christ who should be connected together to reach the lost at any cost. We are called to snatch people from jaws of hell and bring them into the kingdom of God. The church needs to send and support, not just one, but many! More than ever before in these last days we need to declare the Word of the Lord to all nations! Those that have heard the call of God to go need to rise up and go.

Some of you think that I am talking about going overseas. No, I am not! I am talking about rising up and reach your neighborhood, your city, and your community for Jesus. Support your local church in all efforts to reach the lost! Do your part in these last days. So what am I saying? Let us use our assets wisely and be good stewards of God's supply. It is time that we maximize everything we have to reach the lost at any cost. I can think of sixty five million ways to reach the lost around the world.

Running with the Vision,

Brother Steve



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